Brilliant StartUp – Leadership for Young Professionals

2 hours



12 tools for young professionals


Two or three years ago I thought that I would have liked to be taught when I was a young professional and that would have enhanced my career as a professional. How to learn them during the tour, I change my way of managing, problems, people, teams and transformations. They are those things that transform us a little bit every day.

In the course you will see the 12 tools divided into 4 modules, in total there are 14 videos of between 7-10 minutes where I will tell you, stories, experiences, knowledge, tips and advice … They are moments of inspiration, where they will reflect, as it is their situation, where they will think if any of these solutions is the one they need

We covered many topics for almost 2 hours, we have also included videos that are a source of inspiration for many people. Throughout the course they will carry out 3 very simple but effective evaluations to decant the learning.

This course is the beginning of your transformation as professionals, in case you want to consult us, discuss ideas, share your thoughts, we are ready to support them!


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