Creating and working with automation test report using EARS

3 hours




Learn and create an extendable automation test reporting yourself for you and your company


Creating and working with automation test report using EARS course is designed in such a way that he/she with good knowledge or understanding on

  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • Web Services
  • SQL
  • Powershell /Shell scripting

Can design and develop an robust and extendable automation test reporting by themselves for their Company/Job.

ExecuteAutomation Reporting System (EARS) is going to be a unified reporting system for any type of automation testing which is built using ASP.Net.

Meaning, EARS will support any kind of automation tools/technology you use like

  • Selenium
  • Coded UI
  • Robotium/ Appium

ExecuteAutomation Web Service (EAWS) is going to be the web service that any of the above tool can consume in their custom built framework or via EAAutoFramework to insert data into EARS DB

ExecuteAutomation Test Harness System (EATS) is built using Powershell to provide anyone to perform series of operation for their CI tools


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