En Kapsamlı Excel Formülleri

3.5 hours




Learn to use the Dreamer, Sum.Product, MultiEtool, Multiplication, etc. hundreds of formulas, either individually or nested.


This course is abandoned. Do not go into expectation and pay a fee. You can contact the ExcelDepo.Com site for FREE access.

We plan to include the following sections in our ” Most Comprehensive Excel Formulas ” Course:

  • Introduction to Formulas
  • Counting with Excel Formulas
  • Addition Operations with Excel Formulas
  • Average Operations with Excel Formulas
  • Minimum / Maximum Transactions with Excel Formulas
  • Date / Time Operations with Excel Formulas
  • Condition (If) Operations with Excel Formulas
  • Search Operations with Excel Formulas

Regardless of our profession, whatever program we use, Excel is an integral part of our business life. Almost every program has the ability to import and export data from Excel. Excel is like a lifeline to load data into the package programs we use. To give an example from my own profession, I increase the new salaries of the employees with a formula in an Excel sheet and load it into the program I use easily, using a file I created with Excel. Think about it, if it is not for Excel, calculate individual salaries and write these salaries one by one. I can’t even imagine. As in this little example I gave, we do more of our work using Excel and its formulas.

In line with this situation , we started to prepare our ” Most Comprehensive Excel Formulas ” Course, in an order, using the examples we have accumulated from the questions that our users have asked over the years.

Our goal; To take a video of our sample files containing hundreds of Excel Formulas as soon as possible and add them to our course. We can include examples that we will prepare with the questions of our students who will buy our course in our videos.


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