Excel and Power BI Course – Data Analysis and Visualization

11.5 hours





Power BI and Excel course – Exercises Pivot tables and charts in Excel – Reports and dashboards in Microsoft Power BI.



If you want to learn Data Science and Business Intelligence, start doing it with Excel and Power BI. Learn how to visualize data and create reports with examples and practical exercises.


Take your data to another level with pivot tables in Excel and dashboards in Power BI. Microsoft is the provider of both products: Microsoft Excel being part of the Microsoft Office Suite  Microsoft Power BI being a software and service with Business Intelligence technologies. Power BI Desktop is free!

The course has been designed with practical and adaptable dynamics for anyone. Above all, the course is for visual people who seek simplicity and persuasion at the same time .

With this course you will:

  • Create visual stories as good as reports.
  • Make presentations that engage any audience.
  • Organize and bring life to administrative records that are difficult to understand.
  • Breaking paradigms by transforming your data into informed decisions.
  • Unleash an inner potential unimaginable from the first practice.

The course contains an introduction to Excel and Power BI from scratch, progressively raising the bar until you have mastered Data Visualization and interactive reporting. For more details you can review the course content in the panel below.

Start now to visualize your data with the dynamism of Excel and the intelligence of Power BI!


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