How to Create and Present Seminars and School Work

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Learn how to develop NOTE 10 Seminars and Presentations simply and quickly!



The How to Present Seminars course was created exactly to give you the basic tools and develop the skills needed to create and present a school or seminar assignment .

Learn to organize your research, keeping your attention on your studies longer, reading and memorizing the content better. Learn how to create essays and texts, format your work and create more attractive slide shows. Also, find out how easy it is to prepare to make your presentation in the school classroom, cram school or college!

You study through video classes. All content is organized in 4 modules where the necessary steps for the development of a note 10 presentation are presented!

You can send your questions about the course and get answers quickly. In addition, you can download support materials that complement the content of the lessons and facilitate their understanding.

Study completely online from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Study in your free time, with no commitment to schedules or deadlines, follow all information about your progress. At the end of the course, you receive your digital certificate , free of charge and valid throughout Brazil!

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