Introduction to Programming with Java 2

19.5 hours




Fundamentals of Programming




This training is a continuation of the Introduction to Programming with Java 1, which is offered for free. I strongly request you to attend the first training for subject continuity.

In this training, the basic operations entered in Introduction to Programming with Java 1 are continued with the topics of loops, methods and sequences.

In this training, it is aimed to teach procedural programming which is the basics of computer programming / software development using Java programming language. Lecturing is done on the book “Intro to Java Programming, Comprehensive Version (10th Edition)” by Armstrong University Professor Daniel Liang. It is recommended that you obtain the book online.

The training was created by rearranging the records of the “Introduction to Programming with Java” training, which lasted from 3 hours a week to 16 weeks, on JavaciNet.

In order to learn the Java language completely, it is recommended to continue the “Object Oriented Programming with Java” training after this training.

The reason for choosing the Java language is that it is the most widely used powerful programming language in enterprise and mobile application development today.

Introduction to Programming with Java – 1 and 2 trainings are far from the logic of today’s online training videos, but are based on teacher-student interaction within the concept of online classroom. The questions asked by other students who participated in the training live in the videos were not intentionally cut with the idea that the students who will follow this training series may be similar to the questions in their minds. The important points have been passed over again and again to make it permanent. Unlike today’s easily consumable online training videos, the course content is detailed enough to be considered academic, but includes all the basic concepts that the student will need in post-training algorithm development.

It is of great importance that the participants devote scheduled and planned time to this training. Recommended unlike other online videos; Watching 1 or 2 lesson videos every week and allocating maximum time to the homework questions presented in the documents in the remaining time.

With the completion of these trainings, the participants will understand the basic logic of all programming languages ​​used today and will be able to learn that language with sample application videos that they can access on their own from any platform.


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