iOS 10 and Swift 3 | App Development From Scratch

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The Best and Most Updated Course of iOS 10 and swift 3 in Spanish. Complete Development of Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad




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Thank you very much for reading what this course has to offer you, I will gladly present its characteristics :

  • The only iOS 10 and Swift 3 course  in all of Udemy recorded with the recent and public version of Xcode 8, our lessons  DO NOT use old Betas versions like other courses.
  • Here you learn everything you need quickly, easily and completely , since all the lessons are well edited and specifically created in order to teach you from scratch the entire Apple iOS ecosystem, you will also understand the true meaning of each line of written code, not just copy-paste as other tutors often teach.

With this course you will learn in the easiest way, and complete the following topics: 

  • Installing and using the newest version of Xcode 8
  • All the syntax of the Swift 3 programming language
  • Use and creation of all data types, operators and structures
  • The  Oriented Programming Object , inheritance, classes, methods and properties
  • Understanding and use of requests to servers through Rest web services
  • How to create apps for iOS 10 and upload them to a real device like the iPhone
  • How to create Video Games with SpriteKit technology in Swift 3
  • Create Universal Apps with Auto Layout and Constraints
  • Optionals in the most complete and simple way
  • Union of code with user interface with IBOutlets & IBActions
  • Protocols and delegates
  • Views, windows, view hierarchy, and storyboards
  • ViewControllers, segues, switch from one view to another, pass data between views
  • View lifecycle and application lifecycle
  • Tables (  UITableView , row, cell, select rows, delete rows, create from scratch)
  • Import and use of files from the Application bundle
  • Databases with SQLite on iOS and Swift
  • The best introduction to Core Data
  • Implementation of the UICollectionView class

And many more topics (I invite you to read the full program below)

By not least, this course has  Guarantee  of 100% over 30 days !, da  click take this course  right now and part of this community of over 2,000 developers.

Thank you very much for your time and for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge, without you our courses would not have the same value.

I’ll see you in class : )!



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