Linear Algebra Crash Course

8 hours



Linear Systems of any kind. Matrix Operations and Determinants .Vector Spaces in Linear Algebra



Learn the fundamentals of Linear Algebra.

Linear Algebra fundamentals are: Linear Systems, Matrix Algebra and  Vector Spaces.

Without these 3 pillars it is impossible to grasp the complex subject of linear algebra. This course specializes exactly on that:  Linear Systems Matrix Algebra and Vector Spaces.

This is what you will learn in this course:

What is a linear System

Triangular System and why they are important

What operation you are allowed to perform on any system

Solve systems with a parameter

Solve any linear System, with different number of variables and equations



Matrix Algebra:  Sum, Difference and Multiplications

Transpose of a Matrix

Symmetric Matrices

Inverse of a Matrix and how to compute one

Determinant of Matrices and their properties


Vectors, sum, difference and properties

Vector spaces, example and non examples

Linear combinations of Vectors

Span of Vectors

What is a base of a Vector Space, coordinates of vectors.


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