NI LabVIEW: Become a LabVIEW Test Engineer

12.5 hours





Learn LabVIEW from industrial experienced consultant, starting from basic programming to advanced LabVIEW projects.




Become LabVIEW Test Engineer:  This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for the LabVIEW on Udemy!

If you are an engineer, want to start career in testing, or an engineering student, you are at right place. This course is for you !

LabVIEW is one of the most wanted skill in automated test industry for past 2 decades. It is the graphical programming language enables automated test faster and easier any industry.

This course consists of 90+ lectures and 12 hours of live development and debugging.

Course featuring the followings:

  • Industrial usage of NI LabVIEW and its ecosystems
  • Features of various LabVIEW Editions
  • Installation of LabVIEW Student Edition
  • Designed with step by step instructions on basic LabVIEW syntaxes
  • Practical ways to handle LabVIEW
  • Project codes for practice
  • Best Industrial practice
  • Data Acquisition Techniques




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